FAQ frequently asked questions for Tomtar & Troll. Here we list the most asked questions that we get.

Tomte couple on the stairs.
Tomte couple on the stairs.

Answers to questions about our products

Where can I buy your products?

1. Reseller in old town Stockholm. Gamla stan Stockholm Sweden.
2. Atelier in Nacka
3. In our webshop
4. Skansen Christmas market each year at Skansen

Can I buy your products online

Yes, in our webshop you can buy our Tomtar

What shipping time do you have?

About 4-5 weeks outside Sweden. About 1 week inside Sweden.

How can I pay in your webshop?

You can pay with most credit cards. More information found at Paypal https://www.paypal.com/
Invoice possible within Sweden https://www.payson.se/

Is there a shop in old town Stockholm

Yes there is a reseller. Reseller in old town Stockholm , gamla stan.

Is this the same shop that used to be in Österlånggatan 45 and Södrabenickebrinken old town Stockholm?

Yes, it is. It has moved a couple of times. About tomtar troll the company.

What opening hours do you have.

Contact each reseller to check available opening hours.

Are you present on the Skansen Julmarknad

Yes, we sell our tomtar at Skansen julmarknad.

When is the chrismtasmarket at Skansen

November and December each year. Friday, Saturday and Sunday

For how long have you been doing tomtar, trolls and witches?

About 30 years.

How do I contact you

Use our web form to send e-mail or call us. Contact

Who make them?

Maija, Kicki and Lene make them by hand

Where are they made?

In Stockholm Sweden. About tomtar troll the company.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, we and our tomtar are on facebook. Like us if you like.

Tomtar on row, waiting to get stichted.

FAQ frequently asked questions. More questions?

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