In this post I describe two sorts of trolls and their Characteristic. Another name for trolls is hobgoblin. In Scandinavian folklore there are two sorts of them. First of all there is the Bergs-troll (Mountain troll) another is the Skogs-troll (Forest troll). Mountain trolls live in caves in the mountains. Forest trolls live in the deep dark forests. Characteristic for all are their big ugly noses and long tails. They hide themselves very well and are hard to find. They can’t stand daylight that means that they are only active at night. You should watch out for them as it gets dark outside.

A typical Swedish troll.

As you walk around in the forests you could believe that you had seen a troll but it was just a stone or a piece of wood with some moss on it. Trolls have a long life and are said to live for several hundred years. They can be really nasty, stealing food and precious things. For instance they may steel jewellery from people. The legend says that if they get the possibility they swap their own babies with unchristened children. The swapped children are called troll-children or changeling by their parents. They often hide their belongings and treasures in caves or dens. Sometimes they bring out their treasures and wear the jewellery. You often hear phrases such as rich as a troll or ugly as a troll in the Swedish language.

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