Hand made Tomtar and Trolls

Tomtar & troll offer both Tomtar and Trolls based on creatures from ancient Scandinavian and Swedish fairy tales. The dolls are entirely hand made by the Swedish artists Kicki and Maija and are available in all imaginable sizes, this is unique handicraft. As they are done by hand, they all have their own character. The gnomes and hobgoblins are popular as a gift or to have in your own home.

The story about the Swedish Tomte

The tale about the Swedish Tomte. In Scandinavian and Swedish folklore we have Tomtar. They are also known as gnomes. They have a long and quite interesting history. You will gain from treating him well. Follow the link to read more about them. https://www.tomtar.se/tomtar-troll/tomtar/

The story about trolls

In Swedish legend there are trolls. There are mainly two sorts of trolls in the Swedish folklore. They can live for a long time. They are know as hobgoblin. Be aware, they can be a bit naughty. https://www.tomtar.se/tomtar-troll/trolls/

Tomtar in our webshop

You can buy tomtar in our webshop. You can also buy trolls, but they are not yet in our webshop. We ship them to most places in the world, including US and EU.

Tomte on a rope with bells
Tomte Art Nr. 142

Tomte on a rope with bells. Male. approx. 15 cm Tomte på rep med klockor. Manlig. Ca 15 cm.

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Tomte Art Nr. 150
Tomte Art Nr. 150

Male. Hight approx. 20 cm. Manlig. Höjd ca. 20 cm.

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Tomte Art Nr. 160
Tomte Art Nr. 160

Male. Hight approx 35 cm. This is the Tomte (gnome) in our advertising Manlig. Höjd ca 35 cm. Det här är tomte som finns med i Tomtar & Troll´s reklamfilm.

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Tomtar & Troll old town shop

”Tomtar and Troll” in the old town (Stockholm) is part of another shop called Monica design. You can buy both Tomtar & Trolls dolls in the shop. The shop is located at the address Tyska brinken 20 old town Stockholm, it is close to the German church. The shops earlier addresses have been Österlånggatan 45 and Södrabenickebrinken 4. But now you find it at Tyska brinken 20. Opening hours varies at this time of the year. A link to the old town shop, with opening hours http://www.monicasdesign.se/

Skansen market

In the last couple of years we have been present at the popular Skansen Christmas market to sell our dolls. Christmas market is called Julmarknad i the Swedish language. The market is at the open-air museum Skansen in Stockholm. You can read more about our presence on our webpage https://www.tomtar.se/tomtar-troll/contact/skansen/ . Facebook event is also connected https://www.facebook.com/events/402753843982883/

Tomtar and trolls at skansen


You can find us on facebook. You can like us at https://www.facebook.com/tomtartroll

Contact us

You may contact us via e-mail or phone. Go to this page to find our contact information https://www.tomtar.se/tomtar-troll/contact/