Each year in November and December a christmasmarket is held at Skansen in Stockholm. The Christmas market has old traditions reaching back to 1903. We have been present on the market since 2016. Looking forward to see you there.

Skansen Chrismtas market 2021

In November and December 2021 we will sell our products in a booth at Skansen. The market will be on the weekends including the Friday. We will be there and offer you a selection of our Swedish gnomes.

Dates are 26,27,28 of November. 3,4,5 10,11,12 17,18,19 December. 2021.

More information about the market is found here. More information about the market is to be found on this link Skansen christmasmarket.

We are looking forward to meet you there.

Swedish gnomes at the Skansen Christmas market 2021

Skansen Craft weekends 2021

In September we had a booth at Skansen on the Craft weekends selling our Swedish gnomes. It was really nice with a lot of Swedish handicraft offered.

Skansen Chrismtas market 2020

Canceled due to corona restrictions.

Skansen Chrismtas market 2019

Tomtar & Troll will have a booth at the Christmas market at Skansen this year as well. It will be on a slightly different place than the previous years, this time we are located at “Marknadsgatan”. We hope that it is even easier to find us. You are welcome to visit us there on the weekends before Christmas.

Skansen summer time 2019


We had our Tomtar at the summer market at Skansen this year.

Skansen Chrismtas market 2018

Tomtar for sale at skansen
One of the artists selling tomta

Skansen Chrismtas market 2017

Tomtar at Skansen 2017

Skansen Chrismtas market 2016

Tomtar skansen 2016
Tomtar skansen 2016

Skansen is an open-air museum in Stockholm. Most people visiting Stockholm visit Skansen. The open-air museum have old houses and farmsteads from every part of Sweden. In some houses you could imagine how a Tomte could live under the stairs or close to the house. But don´t expect to see him, he could be invisible.

delsbogarden skansen

Here is a link to more information about Skansen. http://www.skansen.se/en/welcome-to-skansen

Link to more information about the Christmas market. English link http://www.skansen.se/en/christmas-market. Christmasmarket is called Julmarknad in the Swedish language. Link to the Swedish page for the market skansens julmarknad http://www.skansen.se/sv/julmarknad

We also sell our handmade tomtar in our webshop. You are very welcome to order one and we will ship to you.