We have a booth at the Skansen Christmas market at Skansen this year as well. This year our stand is located at Marknadsgatan. Marknadsgatan is the main street on the market and is really easy to find.

About the Christmas Market at Skansen

There is a Christmas market at Skansen in Stockholm Each year in November and December. The Christmas market has old traditions reaching back to 1903.

To be able to sell your goods on the market you need to fulfill Several requirements.

All sellers on the market need to dress in traditional clothing as they stand in the stalls and offer their goods. That detail gives a better feeling as you walk around and visit all the stalls.

The products that are sold must be handcrafted, and most of them should be made by hand by the sellers themselves.

In the Swedish language Christmas market is called “Julmarknad” .

We are proud to be present on the market in our own stall since 2016 until today.

Skansen Christmas market 2023

In December 2023 we will sell our products in a booth at Skansen. The market is on the weekends before Christmas. We will be there and offer you a selection of our Swedish gnome.

We are looking forward to meet you there.

Stand at Skansen Christmas market
Our booth at Skansen Christmas market

About Skansen

Skansen is an open-air museum in Stockholm. Most people visiting Stockholm visit Skansen. The open-air museum have old houses and farmsteads from every part of Sweden. In some houses you could imagine how a Tomte could live under the stairs or close to the house. But don´t expect to see him, he could be invisible.

Here is a link to more information about Skansen. http://www.skansen.se/en/welcome-to-skansen

Webshop availabiltiy

We also sell our handmade tomtar in our webshop. You are very welcome to order one and we will ship to you.