Kitchen witch

The kitchen witch doll is a good witch that inspires to productivity and good cooking in the kitchen. And also keep bad spirits away from your home. It will bring you good luck if you give one as a gift to a friend or family member and to décor the home with. To give a better understanding about the gift, there could be a sign around the neck that states the meaning of the gift.

It is not totally clear where the tradition with kitchen witch origin from, some say they are from Germany and others say Sweden or other Scandinavian countries, but it is quite sure that they are from old European customs.

Kitchen witch
Kitchen witch on a broom

Kitchen witchery

The Scandinavians have had them in their kitchens for decades to support them in their kitchen witchery. They all believe that they have the secret power for the food not to burn and that all the cooking in the kitchen will end with a lovely result.

Easter witch

The Easter witch is an old Swedish folklore where witches fly on brooms to a place called Blåkulla. They fly there with their broom on the night between the Wednesday and Thursday before easter, to return at easter. The easter witchcraft is to be extra strong at that day.

Easter witches Sweden

In Sweden and partly in Finland, people dress themselves as an easter witch and walk from door to door at homes. They ask for treats and often receives candy, in return the giver often receives a hand painted easter card. The tradition is a bit similar to the American Halloween tradition. The tradition with easter witches in Sweden reaches all the way back to the 19-th century (1800-talet). Back at the time grownups and children did this custom. The tradition exists and lives today, but nowadays it is children who do this.