Swedish gnome

The Swedish gnome lives in Sweden, the legend says. They live in and around the houses and sheds on farms and remote houses according to the gnome folklore.  If you are wise you will show them “due respect”. If you respect him, he will protect your household from accidents and disasters. He might play tricks on you if you annoy him.

Swedish Christmas gnomes

At Christmas time in Sweden, it is a custom to leave a bowl of porridge outside your house under the front door stairs for the Swedish gnomes to eat at Christmas eve. If the bowl is empty the next morning all will be well for another year.

Many Swedes have their own tomte figurines at home that they have in a special place in their homes all year around. And others have their Christmas tomte ornaments brought out to decorate at home for the Christmas eve.

Scandinavian gnomes

There are Scandinavian gnomes in the Nordic countries of Europe. They are do exist in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and in Norway. There are slightly differences between them and they are called different things in the different regions. It not clear if they are relative to each other.

Tomte gnome

What are Swedish gnomes called? Another common question is are Gnomes Swedish? The answer is that a gnome is in called “Tomte” and they do live in Sweden. It is a just a translation from Swedish to English.

Gnomes vs trolls

The creatures are both common in the Scandinavian gnomes story. They both have their own story in the folklore. The trolls have their traits that are a bit different to the traits of the Swedish gnomes described on this page.

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An external link to a wikipedia page where the Swedish counterpart is explained https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nisse_(folklore)